Jura Brew Group Outlet Valve PTFE Tube Set
Jura Brew Group Outlet Valve  PTFE Tube Set
: $99.99
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Jura Brew Group Outlet Valve PTFE Tube Set, Complete.

Suitable for Jura Impressa C5, E and F series espresso machines.

Kit Includes:

1 outlet valve for the heating cartridge,

1 teflon tube from the outlet valve to the brew group, 255mm

1 elbow connector for the drainage valve,

1 teflon tube from the steam/hot water valve to the outlet valve, 80mm

3 hair pin lock, and

3 teflon tube o-rings.

Have you descaled your espresso machine lately? It is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Descale your espresso machine every two or three months. Jura descaling tablets do not remove Calcium sediment properly. This is frequent cause of leakage and malfunction. This can be easily avoided by using Best Descaler #DSC-6 and descale with manual process as described. Electronic descaling does not descale the machine completely. Dissolve this powder in water and flush solution through the machine as directed on the label. The brew group cleaning is done better than the tablets, using #CCL Blue coffee cleaning liquid concentrate.