Jura Outlet Valve T - complete with hoses Z5, X5
Jura Outlet Valve T - complete with hoses Z5, X5
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Jura Outlet Valve T, complete with reinforced silicone hoses.

Suitable for:

Jura Impressa Z5, Z6, Z7 One Touch, Z9 One Touch, and X5.

The outlet valve (also known as Check Valve) is connected to the membrane regulator and supplies water to hot water and steam thermoblock in the aforementioned Jura espresso machines. Its function is to maintain enough water pressure required for espresso brewing.

Torx screw to secure the check valve to the machine casing NOT included. Please use the same torx screw that was used with the original check valve.

We sell the Jura oval head security key to remove the oval head screws in all Jura espresso machines. These oval head screws must be removed to disassemble the machine to perform maintenance and replace malfunctioning parts.

Exploded parts diagram and brew group replacement instructions are also available.