Jura Brew Drive Gear Motor Small Gear for C-E-F-J-S-Z series
Jura Brew Drive Gear Motor Small Gear for C-E-F-J-S-Z series
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Jura small gear for the brew drive gear motor. After a certain time, the small gear can break. As a reult, the drive motorspins but unable to move the brewing unit. Suitable for all Jura models C-E-F-J-S-Z series.

Jura machines are made as a private label for Jura, by Eugster/Frismag AG, who has three plants in Switzerland, one in Portugal and one in China. Jura Company is unable & unwilling to share technical documents or supply Jura parts. We are happy to fill this vacuum. We sell parts and repair all Jura machines.

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The Jura Clearyl water filter removes Chlorine and chemical taste from water. It does not remove Calcium deposits. Calcium sediment accumulates in the entire hydraulic system (pump, diaphram regulator, heaters, thermo blocks, heat exchangers, Ceramic valve & steam valve. The Calcium sediment reduces flow of water, increases load on the pump, causing leakage of Diaphragm regulator, Heat exchanger and drainage valve. This causes machine malfunction with all kinds of error codes & expensive repairs. Descaling is done by flushing the machine every two or three months. This is the single most important maintenance for all home espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Brew Rite, Pulycaff, Joe Glow are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking Soda and are totally ineffective.

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