Jura Pressure Hose Connector Coupling
Jura Pressure Hose Connector Coupling
: $14.99
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Jura Pressure Hose Connector Coupling, complete. Includes 2 o-rings.

Suitable for:

Jura Impressa C, E, F espresso machines.

The PTFE tube/pressure hose connector is connected to the thermoblock water inlet. PTFE tube from the membrane regulator is connected to the connector via hair pin lock.

Also works for Jura Impressa S90, S95, S8 and S9 models.

Before ordering the part, please compare the display picture to match with old part in the machine.

We strongly suggest that all Jura machines like all other espresso machines, should be descaled to extend life and make best quality espresso. Add Best descaler #DSC-6 to your order.