Jura Steam Solenoid Valve 120V Conversion Kit
Jura Steam Solenoid Valve 120V Conversion Kit
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2 way solenoid valve 120V, 10 piece conversion kit from old style legris connector solenoid valve. The purpose of this solenoid valve is to control the steam flow from the steam boiler to the steam tube in the front of the machine. This solenoid valve has hair pin connections for teflon tubes. The old style solenoid valve with legris connectors is no longer available.

Suitable for following Jura Capresso espresso machines:

S7 - S8 - S9 - S90 - S95 - X90 and Capresso C3000.

This solenoid valve is used in older Capresso C3000 and S8 models to convert from legris connector solenoid valve. 2 teflon tubes are included. The older solenoid valve used legris connector 1/8 4mm. Also, the old solenoid valve is no longer available.

The 10 piece Conversion kit includes the following:

1 solenoid Valve 120V, hair pin connection,

1 teflon tube with compression nut on one end and ferrule on the other, 4x2.5x260mm. This teflon tube from compression nut connects to the steam boiler outlet and ferrule end connects to the solenoid valve inlet.

1 teflon tube with ferrule connectors on both end, 4x2.5x340mm. Connects to the solenoid valve outlet and runs to the multi way valve in front of the machine.

2 hair pin locks for securing the teflon tubes,

2 black o-rings for sealing the teflon tube inside the solenoid valve to prevent from leaking,

1 plastic mounting bracket,

2 philips screws to secure the solenoid valve to the mounting bracket.

The solenoid valve assembly is sold individually as well, see item 0010528 .