JURA ARS-Invensys Pump 120V with Klixon
JURA ARS-Invensys Pump 120V with Klixon
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Invensys pump 110/120V, 60Hz, 55W MOD CP3A with Thermostat. The thermostat (Klixon) protects the pump & disconnects power at 115C when used, (and restores power when pump cools off). Use in all home and commercial espresso machine brands in Jura Commercial models C, E, F, J. S, X and Z models, Saeco Vienna, Magic, Royal fully automatic line, Saeco semiautomatic models, all Gaggia Coffee, Classic Coffee, Carezza, Espsresso, Baby, Spidem, LaPavoni, UNIC, Magister, Astra, Expobar, Eancilio, Nuova Simonelli.

Specifications: (See drawing display)

110/120V -60 Hz cycle 1min ON-1,5 min OFF, Power absorption: 55 W

Flow Rate: from 100 to 250 mL/min at 10 Bar at 120V/60Hz
Max. Pressure (outlet blocked): from 13 to 18 Bar at 120V/60Hz
Suction power: 100mBar minimum, self priming without pressure on the outlet side (zero back-pressure)

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