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Saeco Xelsis One Touch model SM7684 Fully Automatic Machine Saeco Brew Group SBS Accademia-Exprelia-Energica-Xelsis Saeco Xelsis Chrome coffee Dispenser assembly MYB9
Saeco Xelsis One Touch model SM7684 Fully Automatic Machine

Saeco Brew group with SBS system complete, Black Brew Unit 8 Gram. Suitable for Saeco Xelsis, Xelsis ID, Exprelia, Energica and Gaggia Accademia SUP038-MYB9. The coffee outlet is facing the door. The later models may have a different valve on top of the brew group. Please review the picture carefully before ordering it.

Xelsis Chrome coffee Dispenser assembly MYB9.
Blowdown Valve Coil P0049 120V Saeco/Gaggia Xelsis Water Container Door Cover Saeco New Gen SBS coffee regulator Valve P124
Blowdown coil 120V for Saeco and Gaggia New Generation models. Saeco Odea Giro, Talea Ring and Touch Plus, Odea Go, Xelsis, Exprelia, Energica, Gaggia Platinum Vision, Swing and Swing Up, and Gaggia Accademia. Use For Saeco Models: Xelsis Line. Saeco (SBS) Brew Group valve assembly P124 for Early models New Gen Brew group. This valve made possible adjustment of coffee strength with a knob on the faucet assembly. In the later models the valve has been replaced by a non adjustment valve. See comparison display. Make sure you understand the difference between the old and new Brew group valves before placing order. Use for Brew group in Saeco Models Odea, Talea, Primea line, Xelsis, Exprelia and Energica (Energica up to S/N TU901341175091), Minuto (in USA only), Accademia, Platinum line, Titanium office.
Accademia/Xelsis Steam Tube Assembly Ulka Low Pressure Pump MF for Steam - 120V Saeco Brew Group Piston Block + Coffee Tube P0049
Accademia/Xelsis Steam Tube Assembly
: $54.00
Our Price: $54.00
Accademia/Xelsis Steam Tube Assy. Use For Gaggia Accademia; Saeco Xelsis. Oscillating ULKA pump MF 120V. Used in New Gen models Gaggia Accademia; Saeco Models: Energica Focus, Exprelia (Auto S.S., Evo, PSA), Royal One Touch, Xelsis (Evo, ID); Spidem My Coffee. Coffee dispensing tube with brew group counter piston P0049 (Part # 11001480), complete kit. Used in Saeco models Syntia, Italiano, Gaggia model Brera. Similar kit for early models of Odea, Talea, Xelsis, Accademia is available separately. This early model plastic tube has now been replaced with a PTFE tube connector. Kit includes: 1- BLACK PISTON BLOCK 8GR.P124, 2- OR ORM 0320-40 SILICONE PTFE/FDA, 3- SHOWER SCREEN DE=35,8 ELFO, 4- SCREW TSP TORX 10 3X10 PLAST.SS, & 5- COFFEE DISPENSING VALVE V4 P0049 ASSY.
Saeco Odea Talea Water Level Sensor Xelsis Grate For Drip Tray Xelsis SS Grate For Drip Tray
Gaggia/Saeco Water Level Sensor Use For Saeco Models: Xelsis Line Use For Saeco Models: Xelsis Line
Xelsis Chrome Carafe Cappuccino Cover Accademia/Xelsis Drip Tray For Brew Unit Accademia/Xelsis Connector Cap
Xelsis Chrome Carafe Cappuccino Cover
: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00
Accademia/Xelsis Connector Cap
: $28.00
Our Price: $28.00
Xelsis Chrome Carafe Cappuccino Cover Cover drip tray coffee brew unit (Black). Use in Gaggia Accademia and Saeco Xelsis.
Chromed Connector Cap for Saeco model Xelsis and Gaggia Accademia.