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Charisma SUP025PYR Rev.01

Dosatore 1 SUP 001 Rev.01

Dosatore 2 SUP 001E Rev.01

Easy SUP 021 YE Rev.02

Energica Focus HD8852-01-09-47 Rev. 3

Energica Focus HD8852-01-09-47 Rev. 4

Energica Pure HD8851-01Rev. 1

Exprelia PSA HD8854-56 Rev.06

Exprelia PSA HD8854-56 Rev.07

Exprelia PSA HD8854-56 Rev.08

Exprelia Evo Class HD8855-57 Rev.02

Exprelia Evo Class HD8855-57 Rev.03

Family Twin SA SUP 002 E Rev.02

Gran Baristo Avanti HD8967-68-69 Rev. 00

Gran Baristo HD8964-65-66 Rev.04

Incanto Cappuccino SUP 021 Y Rev.03

Incanto Digital SBS V2SUP 021 YDR V2 Rev.04

Incanto Dlx SUP021YBDR Rev. 8

Incanto Dlx SUP021YBDR Rev. 9

Incanto R. S. SBS SUP 021 YR SBS Rev.06

Incanto Rondo R. S. SBS SUP021YOR Rev.04

Incanto Rondo SUP 021 YO Rev.07

Incanto S-Class SUP021YNR Rev.07

Incanto Sirius SBS SUP 021YADR Rev.06

Incanto SUP 021 Y Rev.12

Intelia Cappuccino HD8753 Rev.05

Intelia Evo Latte HD8754 Rev.03

Intelia Evo-Focus-Class-Latte MF-Bella MF-Darty Rev.10

PSA Intelia Focus-Class-Class Metal Rev.10

PSA Intelia Focus-Class-Class Metal Rev.11

PSA Intuita HD8750 Rev. 00

Intuita-Intelia Evo Focus-Class-Latte-Bella Rev.04

Intuita-Intelia Evo Focus-Class-Latte-Bella Rev.06

Espresso Italiano DGT R.S. SUPO35-SUP035DR Rev.03

Magic Cappuccino Combi COM 006 Rev.03

Magic Cappuccino R.S. SIN 017R Rev.03

Magic Cappuccino SIN 017 Rev.03

Magic Comfort Plus Redesign SUP 012 DER Rev.02

Magic Comfort Plus Rev.01

Magic Comfort Redesign SUP 012 DR Rev.00

Magic Comfort Rev.01

Magic Deluxe Rev.05

Magic Dlx Redesign SUP 012 R Rev.01

Magic Roma Redesign SUP 013 R Rev.00

Magic Roma Rev.04

Minuto AMF Premium HD8862 Rev. 00

Minuto Cappuccino HD8763 Rev.03

Minuto Essence AMF-CMF Rev. 00

Minuto Focus-Class Rev.02

Minuto Focus-Class Rev.07

Monte Carlo SUP007 Rev.05

Odea Giro SUP031OR Rev.06

Odea Giro SUP031OR Rev.11

Odea Giro V2 SUP031OR Rev.06

Odea Go Black SUP031O Rev.03

Odea Go SUP0310 Rev.00

Odea Go SUP0310 Rev.06

Odea Go V2 SUP031O Rev.07

Primea Duo '08 SUP030UDR Rev.00

Primea Ring SUP030ND Rev.02

Primea Ring '07 SUP030ND Rev.04

Primea Touch Plus SUP030ADR Rev.02

Primea Touch Plus '07 SUP030ADR Rev.04

Primea Touch Plus V2 SUP030ADR Rev.02

Primea Touch SUP030BD Rev.01

Royal Cappuccino SUP016R Rev.06

Royal Cappuccino (2 Pumps) Rev.01

Royal Coffee Bar

Royal Digital Plus SUP 015 RE Rev.06

Royal Exclusive Rev.02

Royal Office SUP 015 V

Royal One Touch HD8930 Rev.03

Royal Professional SUP016RE Rev.09

Royal Professional SUP016 (2 Pumps)

Syntia Capp. SUP037DRJ Rev.05

Syntia Capp. SUP037DRJ Rev.06

Syntia Class DGT SUP 037DR Rev.04

Syntia Class DGT SUP 037DR Rev.06

Syntia Focus SUP037R Rev.04

Syntia Focus SUP037R Rev.05

Talea Giro SUP032OR Rev.02

Talea Giro Plus V2 SUP032OR Rev.05

Talea Giro SUP032OR Rev.07

Talea Ring SUP032NR Rev.04

Talea Ring SUP032NR Rev.07

Talea Ring V2 SUP032NR Rev.05

Talea Ring Plus SUP032BR Rev.07

Talea Touch SUP032AR Rev.04

Talea Touch SUP032AR Rev.07

Talea Touch Plus V2 SUP032AR Rev.04

Vienna Deluxe Cafe SUP 018 CR Rev.09

Vienna Deluxe V2 SUP 018C V2 Rev.11

Vienna Digital R.S. SUP 018 CDR Rev.09

Vienna Digital SUP 018 D Rev.08

Vienna Superautomatica

Vienna V2 SUP 018 V2 Rev.12

Vienna-Trevi Dlx-Plus SUP018M Rev.13

Vspresso SUP 021 YTDR Rev.02

Xelsis Evo Rev.01

PSA-Xelsis, Xelsis-ID SUP038-SUP038Z Rev.05

PSA-Xelsis, Xelsis-ID SUP038-SUP038Z Rev.08

PSA-Xelsis, Xelsis-ID SUP038-SUP038Z Rev.10

X-Small SUP 033R Rev.05
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Magnet for Float
Our Price: $12.00

Magnet for Float
Saeco Brew Group 9g Piston Gasket w/ Lube (40x32x4mm)
: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00

Saeco Silicone Piston gasket 9 gram brew group with 30 gm. tube of food grade lube. Use the lube included to lubricate the piston gasket and the brew group. Lubricate Brew group every month (Automatic models only), for smooth and quiet working. Click Here for instructions.

Gasket is used in all Saeco Gaggia Spidem fully automatic models. Dim: OD 44 mm; Gasket Cross section 4 mm.

Descaling is best done manually every two or three months. Order Best descaler (#DSC-6) from our online store and follow authentic descaling process.

Gaggia/Saeco Water Inlet Gasket
Our Price: $15.00

Gaggia/Saeco Water Inlet Gasket

Pannarello Frother White - Narrow
: $18.00
Our Price: $18.00

Popular Milk steaming & Frothing device. Used straight up on steam pipe. For best results it must be clean. The air mixing tiny hole should be open. Dip half length in milk and give full blast steam.
Water Tank Valve Kit
Our Price: $22.00

Water tank valve kit
Gaggia/Saeco Water Level Switch
Our Price: $23.99

Saeco Turbo Pannarello Frother (Black)
: $29.00
Our Price: $29.00

An effective and convenient tool for manually steaming and frothing of milk. Can generate micro foam if used correctly.
Saeco and Gaggia Water Inlet Valve Kit
Our Price: $32.00

Saeco and Gaggia Water Inlet Valve Kit

Kit Includes:
(1) Cover
(1) Water Inlet Gasket
(1) Flange
Saeco Odea Talea Water Level Sensor
Our Price: $40.00

Gaggia/Saeco Water Level Sensor
Saeco Flowmeter Assembly with Sensor Wire
Our Price: $42.00

Saeco Flow meter assy for automatic espresso