Jura Brew Group Impressa C-E-F-S Series
Jura Brew Group Impressa C-E-F-S Series
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Fix Jura ERROR 8
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Jura Capresso OEM Brew Group for Jura Impressa C, E, F, S, and X Series models. Complete brand new brew group with drainage valve. Also compatible with Capresso C1000, C1300, C1500, C2000, and C3000 espresso machines.

Suitable for following Jura Impressa models:

Jura Impressa C-Series
C5 - C9
Jura Impressa E-Series
E5 - E8 - E9 - E10 - E20 - E25 - E30 - E40 - E45 - E50 - E55 - E60 - E65 - E70 - E74 - E75 - E80 - E85
Jura Impressa F-Series
F5 - F7 - F9 - F50 - F60 - F70 - F90 - XF50 - XF70
Jura Impressa S-Series
S7 Avantgarde - S8 - S9 - S9 Avantgarde - S9 One Touch - S50 - S55 - S70 - S75 - S85 - S90 - S95
Jura Impressa X-Series
X30 - X70 - X90 - X95 - XS90 - XS95 - XS90 One Touch - XS95 One Touch

When your Jura espresso machine displays ERROR 8, it's time to replace the brew group. Brew group does NOT come with the water inlet Teflon tube. The slider gear and coffee outlet is not included either. Repalce the water inlet teflon tube, coffee outlet and slider from old brew group before installing the new group. All components are pre assembled and are ready for use. No need to replace the o-rings. Simply, replace it with the old one.

Mold and fungus growth in the Jura brew group is a common problem. Signs of mold and fungus growth can be noticed on the drainage valve (attached to the bottom of the brew group). Used coffee grounds get spilled over the drainage valve during tamping process and water leakage causes mold growth. As a result, mold starts to form and gradually turns green. Since the brew group is not easily accessible, most Jura espresso machine owners fail to realize it until the machine is opened to replace or repair the brew group. We recommend cleaning and sanitizing the Jura brew group every six months. Learn to replace the brew group. You will then be able to clean it periodically and avoid any health hazards. Watch our YouTube video.

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Illustrated brew group replacement guide is available upon request with the purchase of the brew group. Please provide us the model number of your machine in the Special Instructions section when placing an order; For Example Z5, S9, E8, etc. We will email you the illustrated brew group replacement guilde for your Jura machine within 2 business days from the date of purchase.

Please note that the illustrated brew group replacement guide ONLY allows you to replace the brew group in your machine. It does NOT explain how to repair or fix your malfunctioning brew group.

We also sell the Jura Oval Head security tool to open the oval head screws in Jura machines. All Jura espresso machines use oval head screws to secure and tighten the external casing. The oval head screws can't be opened easily unless you have the tool.

Here is the link to order the oval head security tool to open your Jura espresso machine. Fits all models.

Oval Head Key Aluminum:


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